Daily Bulletin

Lexington Middle School Bulletin for Friday, September 25, 2020

TARDY DETENTIONS SEPTEMBER TARDY DETENTIONS: After school 30 minute tardy detentions will be served as follows~~~~~~~~FRI 25TH will be with Mrs. Leger in the Student Lounge********MON 28TH, TUE 29TH, WED 30TH, THUR Oct 1ST will be with Mr. Lara in room 124---------Students that are late to school in the morning will serve a 30 minute tardy detention right after school with an assigned teacher. You must be in your Home Room by 8:00AM before the morning bell rings! Students must serve the 30 minute tardy detention right after school on the day it is given. Students that are involved with after school sporting activities must serve their tardy detention first before going to practice after school. Student tardy detentions double if not served the day it is given! If a student skips their tardy detention 30 minutes will be added each day to the tardy detention until the tardy detention is served.

LUNCH MENU 2020-2021 SEPTEMBER 25TH.......1ST CHOICE....Burrito, Mexican Rice, Steamed Corn, Milk*******2ND CHOICE....Mini Corn Dog**************EVERYDAY: FRESH FRUIT/SALAD

LIBRARY NEWS 2020-2021

WEEKLY CALENDAR 2020-2021 SEPTEMBER 2020........... MONDAY, 21ST~~~7th/8th Volleyball @ Holdrege/4:00PM******* TUESDAY, 22ND~~~7th/8th Football @ Gothenburg/4:30PM & 6:00PM******** WEDNESDAY, 23RD~~~******* THURSDAY, 24TH~~~******* FRIDAY, 25TH~~~

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